Inspiring and empowering students to take charge of their education.

Students should have a say every step of the way - in hiring teachers, in developing curriculum, you name it.

Personal Learning means utilizing educational technology and data to their fullest potentials to make education student specific.

Students should be able to take advantage of all opportunities to develop themselves as a people.

All students have the right to learn realistic skills and benefit from instructors who engage and challenge their students.

Vote on the Student Bill of Rights!

We believe that all students should have a voice, and that all students should have the ability to vote on issues in their schools that matter to them. The Student Bill of Rights is a way for students and education stakeholders to do exactly that.

Bringing student voices into the education conversation.

Across America, students found themselves becoming disengaged, dissatisfied and discouraged by the education system set out before them. These same students wanted to change the environment they were in. Tired of not having a voice in person, students flocked to the internet, mainly Twitter, to explain their frustrations with the education status quo and work to advocate for change.

In May 2012, students around the world formed Student Voice with the creation of the #StuVoice Twitter chats. Soon, presidential candidates, the Secretary of Education, Fortune 100 companies, education corporations, reporters, teachers, parents and community members joined the conversation to discuss ways to make the the education system beneficial for all involved.

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