Research shows that dropout rates, student achievement, and workforce readiness will improve by integrating student voices in the classroom and in society.

We believe that student voice can reduce absenteeism, enhance school climate, promote civic engagement and build character among all students. Student Voice was inspired by the lack of student voices in education. The Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations identifies that the higher the grade level, the less likely it is that students believe they can be part of the decision-making process for their educational experiences.

Only 47% of students believe they have a voice in decision making and this dips to as low as 36% in the 12th grade.

In the same research, a similar inverse relationship can be seen when students are asked if school is preparing them for the future. Interestingly, the higher the grade level, the more students expressed concern for the lack of curiosity and creativity in their current education climate. Kids Count also conducted research finding a similar correlation suggesting higher dropout rates for students later in high school.

Strengthening the student voice will positively change the education climate.


Who we are

Student Voice is a for-students-by-students nonprofit organization spearheading a social movement to integrate student voices into the global education conversation. Our non-partisan outlook allows us to best address student issues through reach of our digital platform, depth of our network, and communication of the student voice initiative.

What we do
Through our services-based approach, Student Voice strives to advance the student movement by bridging the gap between students and education communities around the world. Our social platform allows us to amplify and aggregate student voices via dialogue and facilitated community building. Our annual Student Voice Live! conference organizes the community to provide an avenue for action, and our Student Voice in Action program accelerates school and community improvement through the implementation of student voice practices and philosophies.

What sets us apart?
As students, we have a unique perspective unlike other members of the education ecosystem. We are the only student-led organization to integrate student voices into global education improvement efforts. Students need to be included in conversations and decisions that affect their lives, and we make this happen.