Student Voice Ambassador Program

Ambassadors take part in monthly professional development sessions, gain access to industry and staff support, have opportunities to share their experiences at international events, create resources to assist students nationwide in organizing and grow as leaders through a national coalition of young activists.

Monthly professional development sessions

Learn from education thought leaders and community activists to help you grow your organizing skills

Design a year-long passion project

Tailor the project to something you're passionate about and create a tangible impact in your community

Become a leader in a national coalition for school reform

Connect with student voice leaders and a vast network of educators

Meet the 2018-19 Ambassadors

Jaylin Hudson
College Park, GA
Passionate about ensuring an era of reform for disadvantaged demographics. He loves to help others have the opportunity to become successful leaders and values education as a fundamental necessity.
Maleah Smith
Huntingtown, MD
Fighting for leadership skills to be taught in every school. You’ll find me playing basketball, reading classical literature, or drinking almond milk iced coffee.
Veronica Gonzalez
San Antonio, TX
Has a passion for activism and has been a part of programs such as the CESA 1 Youth Advisory Council and Model United Nations. Enjoys running, playing the violin, reading, writing and spending time with her dog.
Minh Tran
Louisville, KY
Co-founded STEMchats which is an international non-profit organization that seeks to uplift the voices of minority students in the STEM fields.
Lily Gardner
Lexington, KY
Passionate about activism and believes that conversations are the foundation of change. Interested in understanding the perspectives of everyone she meets.
Jillian Naziri
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Passionate about helping those who do not have a voice and wants to make a difference in the world. Avid fan of The Office and loves to cook.
Malika Rawal
Charlotte, NC
Believes that we all have the power to make change in our communities as well as an obligation toward engaging ourselves in the democratic process. Enjoys playing tennis, hanging out with friends and watching the news.
River Abedon
Sullivans Island, SC
Passionate about improving inequitable conditions within the school system and the community. Also loves to cook, be in nature and enjoy watching BoJack Horseman.
Sydney Ward
Salem, UT
Very passionate about involving peers in civic engagement in their schools and communities. Loves to read, research new ideas and be active.
Savanah Thompson
Memphis, TN
Serves as a fellow in the Memphis Against Sexual Harrassment and Assault Cohort of Bridge Builders CHANGE and has worked for campaigns such as March For Our Lives, the April 20 Walkouts and many more. Enjoys photography and traveling.
Lena Leland
Beachwood, OH
Member of Social Advocates for Youth, Student Council and Ecology Club. Loves shopping for vintage clothing, watching The Office, and hanging out with her pets.
Dyson Chee
Honolulu, HI
Believes the world is everyone's classroom with interests in ocean conservation and politics. Passionate about inspiring youth to be engaged and make a positive difference in the community.
Prescott Herzog
Claremont, NH
Serves as a board member for the New Hampshire Young Democrats and the High School Democrats of America's Political Director.
Sophia Wasson
Bonney Lake, WA
Serves as a member of the Association of Washington Student Leaders and dreams of making all schools equitable for all students. Passionate about cultural acceptance and mental health awareness. Believes that everybody is deserving of love and believes they should be treated as such. Enjoys Criminal Minds and dogs.