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Student Voice Ambassadors Program

The Student Voice Ambassadors Program guides a cohort of 14 students from across the United States through the design and execution of a community-based project focused on an education justice issue that interests them. Ambassadors submit a project proposal, and Student Voice provides the resources and support they need to create change at the school and local levels, including access to a community of peers engaging in similar work, one-on-one support and our national network of resources.

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Propose a project addressing an education justice issue in your community

Submit a project proposal that addresses injustices in your school and community and receive one-on-one mentorship and resources to accomplish your project.

Receive a $1,000 stipend for your work

Receive a $1,000 stipend for participation in the program, as well as access to optional paid opportunities with Student Voice partners.

Join a dedicated community of student organizers

Build community with your fellow Ambassadors across the country who care about justice in our schools and world and who are engaging in similar work.

Meet the 2020-21 Ambassadors

Alex Garcia

Kensington, MD

Working to improve the inequities within Montgomery County Public Schools with multiple student-led organizations. Lobbies to pass bills to redetermine school boundary lines to the Montgomery County Board of Education. Passionate about racial justice, equal opportunity and equity in schools. Loves traveling, playing lacrosse and The Umbrella Academy.

Amia Roach-Valandra

Rosebud, SD

Served as a student fellow for Teach for America to listen to youth perspectives and experiences with the educational system. Passionate about creating change, amplifying student voice and making students feel like they matter. Enjoys reading, sports and watching Netflix, preferably Vampire Diaries.

Amina Salahou

Syracuse, NY

Eager to work with passionate students across the nation while gaining the skills to adequately advocate for direct change within school community. Passionate about menstrual justice, racial justice, and advocating for mental health. Involved with CuseYouthBLM, Girl Up (a campaign of the UN) and Seeds Of Peace. Enjoys volleyball, lacrosse, Breaking Bad and The Great Gatsby!

Baeza Lakew

Kent, WA

Community organizer and advocate for marginalized youth and students in Washington State. Works with my state legislature as vice chair of the Washington Legislative Youth Advisory Council. Passionate about diversifying educational curricula, dismantling the school to prison pipeline and combating climate change. Loves trying new foods, concerts and Avatar the Last Airbender.

Brianna Gallimore

The Bronx, NY

Fighting for educational equity and integration in New York City Schools. Passionate about civic education and engagement for all students. Usually listening to music, drinking coffee, or talking about politics.

Chloe Pressley

Woodbridge, VA

Actively promoting the inclusion of student perspectives in decisions made within Prince William County and working to change the one-sidedness of public school curricula. Interested in the psychological effects of public policy on varying racial and age groups. Enjoys watching movies, exploring new foods and studying the sciences.

Gillian Mui

Chicago, IL

Loves writing and using social media to advocate for youth. Passionate about suicide prevention awareness, anti-bullying, women's health and eliminating health disparities. Loves reading, dancing and mango smoothies! Currently watching Criminal Minds on Netflix.

Irshad Molla

Plain City, OH

Stemming from her love for public speaking, founded "Use Your Voice", which helps youth find their voice in their fight for justice. Furthered her work in civics through the Citizen University National Youth Collaboratory. Serves as Living Room Conversations' Youth Program Leader and is a member of the Teen Ohio Attorney General Board and Youth Civic Advisory Committee.

Kashish Bastola

McKinney, TX

Mobilizing students to promote civic and voter engagement among young people. Working against voter suppression through organizing around gun violence prevention, climate justice, education equity, racial justice, immigrant/refugee rights and more. Advocating for systemic change for our generation and our posterity with an emphasis on Black/Indigenous liberation. Sucker for Kit-Kats, How to Get Away with Murder and Nepali momos. Aspiring United States Supreme Court Justice.

Lauren Choi

Marietta, GA

Trying to create change one step at a time! Passionate about youth voice and changing our curricula to become more equitable and inclusive for all cultures. The best way to my heart is through food and video games.

Leigh Walden

Larkspur, CO

Spearheading action groups to increase menstrual and racial and general equity levels in my district while working with my school board, county, and state to uplift student voices. Passionate about including students in every conversation that matters, in being wrong and researching what’s right and a future in which circumstance never interferes with change. Always ready to talk hiking or anything outdoors really, baking recipes and crochet tips.

Meril Mousoom

New York City, NY

Fighting for more school funding in New York State through legislative lobbying. Outside of activism, loves dance and Korean pop.

Pragya Upreti

Lexington, KY

Working to institutionalize more holistic education within Kentucky. Works alongside state legislators to inform policy surrounding the inclusion of African-American history in secondary education and anti-racism as an 'anti-bullying' intervention in primary schools. Passionate about expanding student voice initiatives within our school decision-making boards and in schools throughout rural Northern India. Loves playing lacrosse and fighting for education and social justice. Aspiring President of the United States.

Shayla Dell

Washington, D.C.

Works with DC Public Schools (DCPS) and State Board of Education officials through the Chancellor’s Student Cabinet and State Board of Education Student Advisory Committee to advocate for youth, particularly for Black youth. Serves with Instagram as an Instagram Ambassador to expose young Black creators to politics, art and empowerment on social media.

Sofia Novoa

Orlando, FL

A student-activist and junior at Boone High school in Orlando, Florida. Passionate about anti-bullying policies and mental health. Recently launched the Heart-to-Heart project, an initiative aimed at advancing educational equity. Bilingual in English and Spanish. Enjoys playing the piano, going out with friends, family, and playing with her dog Sparky.

Taofeekat Lamina

Lynn, MA

Organizing to make change in my school and community. Currently advocating for an African Awareness Club at my school, with the goal of eventually pressuring decisionmakers to offer an African and African-American history class. Helped found a coalition that specializes in intersectional activism and plans to organize more protests and marches locally to enact change in my multicultural community. Loves performing, singing, reading and binge-watching Netflix and Hulu.