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Through conversations with experienced student leaders and industry professionals, the Learning Lab connects you with critical information that dictates the process of movement building, including networking, storytelling, facilitating and much more.

The Fall 2020 Learning Lab is now open. Join the District Direct Action Leadership Training to learn the ins and outs of school boards, school districts and how to advocate for local change in your school system.

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Open to all students

Whether you’re just starting out or already an experienced changemaker, all student leaders are welcome to join the Learning Lab.

Develop advocacy skills

Discover the essential skills for all changemakers to know, including movement building, communicating and action planning.

Join a network of leaders

Meet passionate students like you from across the nation and share resources to amplify your voices to broader audiences.

Engage with experts

Learn from experts working in a range of disciplines about the history of the movement and strategies for making an impact on your school.

Fall 2020 District Direct Action Leadership Training

September 10
8pm EST / 5pm PST
Types of School Board Action

Demystifying the role of districts, school boards and how to advocate

September 24
8pm EST / 5pm PST
Back to School Roundtable

Process transitions back to school and listen to other students’ experiences

October 8
8pm EST / 5pm PST
School Board Elections Training

Why do school board elections matter? How can students participate? How do we hold candidates accountable?

October 29
8pm EST / 5pm PST
Public Goods in Education

Explore school funding, the digital divide, universal school lunch and the role of districts and school boards in making education accessible and equitable

November 5
8pm EST / 5pm PST
Election Results Processing Space

Process the results of recent elections, build community and learn to hold office holders accountable

November 17
8pm EST / 5pm PST
Student Listening Session:
Hopes & Dreams for the Next Dept. of Ed.

Join us on International Students Day for a special listening session to share what you want to see out of the next education administration

December 10
8pm EST / 5pm PST
Where Do I Go From Here?
Building Student Power for School Change

Learn key strategies and tactics to build campaigns for education justice

Spring Semester
Policy, Practice and Power
Stay tuned for information about the Spring 2021 Learning Lab!