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Join a community of students who represent schools and communities across the U.S. to identify student-centric solutions that address the systemic inequity in the American education system.

Our Values

Our shared values stem from the Student Bill of Rights, shaping everything that we do. We believe that the success of the student voice movement is directly related to providing an open and inclusive work environment.

We maintain a robust and thoughtful focus on our equity-informed mission guided by the Student Bill of Rights. As a team of leaders, our shared values enable us to prioritize our impact and propel us as leaders of the student voice movement.


  1. Open to Growth: We hold a growth mindset in every scenario and are open to constructive feedback. There is always more to learn.
  2. Ask Bold Questions: We give honest and constructive feedback to each other. Sharing visions for new projects and offering feedback about existing programming strengthens our impact.
  3. Assume Best Intentions: We assume that others are acting with good intentions to avoid conflict. Everyone has differing knowledge and perspective.
  4. Step Up, Step Back: We step up to speak, then step back to hear others.
  5. Check Your Ego: We are all in this together. No one is above another’s pay grade or title.
  6. Communicate Authentically: We approach team relationships through transparent communication that reduces conflict. We understand accountability is important to remote work.


  1. Each One, Reach One, Teach One: We empower individuals to become convicted messengers for the movement through courageous conversations.
  2. Intersectionality: We strive to include diverse voices, but recognize that one person does not represent a whole group. Inclusive organizing requires ongoing learning, outreach and reflection.
  3. Uniqueness: We know education has national themes, but local communities have specific issues that should be respected.
  4. Inspire All: We balance the importance of transformational and individual relationships in tandem with large-scale strategic programs.
  5. Believe in People Power: We leverage our vast network of coalition organizations to aggregate changemakers and maximize synergy.


  1. Be in the Arena: We believe the best leaders are servant leaders. Servant leaders are “in the arena,” and work alongside the team in triumph and failure.
  2. Immersion Builds Empathy: We welcome new stories about other people’s experiences and backgrounds. As outsiders to local communities, we must ask questions to understand their nuances and needs.
  3. Local Leaders, Local Change: We empower new leaders, rather than impose agendas or outsider knowledge. Communities are the most well equipped to drive their own organizing.
  4. Meet People Where They Are: We tailor our programs to the students’ unique realities. Our vision must be applicable across communities in order to address systemic inequity in education.

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