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The inclusion of pre-post secondary young people in public policy debate has never been of greater public interest. Partner with us to ensure young voices are present in your work.

We provide the resources and strategy necessary to ensure next-generation leaders can achieve the progress they seek.

What are you looking to accomplish?

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Develop a Student-Driven Strategy

We train local students to be liaisons between young people in their community and the adult decision making body, and share resources on how to select and engage representative student leaders.

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Organize a Student Keynote or Panel

We'll help you secure student keynotes for events or coordinate a featured panel discussion for conferences or convenings. Our vast network of student leaders means we can find a speaker to start the right conversation.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training

Organize a training to educate your peers on identity and privilege, and its wider effects on education. We create customized workshops on a variety of DEI-related topics and themes.

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Positive & Powerful Allyship (LGBTQ) Training

An introductory training for educators to learn about LGBTQ+ identities understand how students holding those identities navigate school, and how they can support students in the classroom.

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Our Approach

Dedicated to your full student voice transformation.

Evidence suggests that cultivating youth as leaders and partners in their own right can improve individual academic motivation and performance, reform educational institutions and lead to better and more equitable social outcomes. We'll work fervently with you to ensure young voices are present in your work.

  • Founded in 2012, Student Voice is the nation's leading by-students, for-students nonprofit. We've connected with over 10,000 students at events, supported 40 student ambassadors, trained 33 young journalists, and created partnerships with more than 100 middle and high schools across the United States

  • We lead the discussion on equitable student voices in every corner. From our Student Bill of Rights to our Journalism Fellowship, we position students as storytellers, organizers and institutional partners.

  • Our team, combined with our broad network of schools and organizations, has a reputation for collaborating with stakeholders to achieve exceptional results.

Our People

Evon Mahesh

Rochester, NY

Relentless optimist with a passion for creating community. Always up for a chat about equity, education and learning.





Jordan Harb

Mesa, AZ
School Partnerships

Advocate for a world that uplifts our differences rather than punish them. Often found creating structural change, reading a book, contemplating life or exploring a new city.





Joshua Dantzler

Washington, D.C.

Amplifying the voices of the voiceless. Lover of politics, pizza and plays.





Merrit Jones

Columbia, SC

Thinking about equity for our schools. BIG fan of long chats, yoga and pups.





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