Student Voice Organizing Fellowship

Join a network of students taking grassroots action through projects in their schools and communities to create sustainable change.

Student Voice Chapters

A path to action for students interested in organizing and action-based civics

What is the Student Voice Organizing Fellowship?

The Student Voice Organizing Fellowship provides resources for a network of young people who are organizing for equitable school politics in their schools and communities, including support on taking direct action on education justice issues like testifying to a school board or organizing a protest, connections to other students or organizations and monetary support.

Become a Student Voice Fellow

To become a Student Voice Organizing Fellow, fill out a short application form. Any student who values educational equity and is interested in organizing for change is welcome to apply to become a Student Voice Organizing Fellow. No prior organizing experience is required.

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Roundtable Facilitation Guide

Eager to start creating change in your school? Check out our Roundtable Facilitation Guide to host a roundtable discussion to share your authentic educational experiences and to co-create student-driven solutions to issues you’ve experienced with fellow students, teachers and administrators.