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We are a nationwide student-run nonprofit that empowers students to take action on issues that impact them

Empowering student voices to revolutionize education

Unleashing student voices to revolutionize education

Student Voice is a student-run 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to strengthening the student movement for equitable schools, founded in 2012 by students from Fargo, North Dakota to Ferguson, Missouri and everywhere in between. What started as a Twitter chat centered around a simple hashtag, #StuVoice, has blossomed into a national movement.

Through our core initiatives, Student Voice aims to illustrate the state of schools today, as well as identify student-centric and student-created solutions to address the systemic inequity in the American education system. This inequity manifests itself as a disparity in access to opportunities and resources across schools nationwide, specifically as it relates to socioeconomically disadvantaged students and school districts.

At Student Voice, we believe all students have the right to hold educational institutions accountable to them as partners in shaping their foundational experiences. Students must have a more powerful voice in order to combat the systemic inequity.

From conversations with students from coast to coast, we have developed outlining pillars for a quality American education. We believe these rights form the crux of the most important issues facing students today. At Student Voice, we are actively working to meet students where they are on any of these issues and bring them into spaces in which they are traditionally not included. Recently, we have helped students and student groups address issues ranging from political involvement and decreasing a reliance on standardized testing to providing access to the internet and developing a digital curriculum.

At Student Voice, we amplify, aggregate and accelerate student voices to empower students and effectuate systematic change.

Empowering student voices to revolutionize education

Build community

Our voices are stronger together than alone.


At Student Voice events, students, thought leaders, and change makers tackle some of education’s biggest issues and engage in community-building discussions.

Student Coalition

Our coalition of student organizations helps connect and grow the student constituency committed to Student Voice’s mission, highlight student organizing already happening around the country, and support student action.

Network map

Students from across the United States making strides at local levels are what make the student voice movement  a success. Find a student organization near you making change in the community.

Empowering student voices to revolutionize education

Share stories

Stories have the power to inspire change.

State of Schools

The State of Schools Report is a comprehensive document that will evaluate the current climate of America’s schools from the student perspective. The report will feature student contributors from various educational intersections and will be framed around Student Voice’s Student Bill of Rights. These rights range from School Climate to Technology and will headline the seven sections of the report. The goals of State of Schools are two-fold. First, SOS aims to bridge the empathy gap among our schools and secondly to bridge the gap between education policy and practice.

Students of America

Students of America is a national “Humans of New York” style social media campaign sharing the stories of how students experience school, from their perspective.

Student Voice Podcast

Student Voice releases podcast episodes three times per month. 'The Week In Review' is released every other Friday and is a conversation between team members about recent education news affecting students. 'The State of Schools' is released once per month and relates to a specific right students have in school.

Empowering student voices to revolutionize education

Improve education

Change starts with speaking out.

Ambassador Program

The Student Voice Ambassadors are a cohort of 10 high school students from a variety of different communities across the United States. Ambassadors take part in monthly professional development sessions, gain access to industry support and staff support, have opportunities to share their experiences at events, and grow from a national network. By leveraging these new-found tools and connections, students can engage decision makers within their communities to become champions for school policy change.

Bill of Rights

From conversations with students from coast to coast, we have developed a Student Bill of Rights outlining pillars for a quality American education. We believe these rights form the crux of the most important issues facing students today.

Advocacy Campaigns

During the summer of 2017, Student Voice launched a national campaign, “In Pursuit of Student Representation,” aimed at organizing students across the US who are advocating for issues that impact their education. By supporting student participation in town halls and organizing forums for conversation, Student Voice prioritized student centric policies and decision making.

Meet the team

Ben Gurewitz

Davis, CA
(415) 987-2595

Christopher Maximos

Randolph, NJ

A passionate communicator with a penchant for public speaking, storytellling, education reform, and puns.

David Goncharuk

Portland, OR
(503) 701-4386

Ian Coon

Des Moines, IA
Assistant Director

Probably talking to young people about grassroots organizing or at the closest Dunkin' Donuts - sometimes simultaneously.

(515) 822-8834

Joshua Dantzler (he/him/his)

Washington, D.C.
Social Media

Amplifying the voices of the voicelss. Lover of politics, pizza, and plays.

(803) 230-5568

Justin Sindelar

San Jose, CA

Passionate about design, marketing, and education. Loves hiking and good music.

(515) 360-2826

Maddie Darveau

Des Moines, IA
Events & HR

Combining a passion for youth involvement, story telling, and events. Lover of concerts and coffee.

(515) 689-6911

Megan Simmons

New York City, NY

Passionate about civic education and youth activation and can often be found drinking iced coffee, listening to a podcast, and entering (and losing) Broadway ticket lotteries

(203) 615-1717

Menduyarka Samuel Dennis

(215) 868-3344

Merrit Jones

Chapel Hill, NC
Executive Director
(803) 446-6642

Noor Aldayeh

Los Angeles, CA

Telling stories through all forms of media (especially the social ones). Most likely reading somewhere.

(310) 863-6145

Ryley Seymour

Bellevue, IA
(563) 258-2260

Tara Subramaniam

Washington, D.C.

Living at the intersection of international affairs, journalism and activism. Loves to travel, learn new languages and read long novels.

(404) 861-4881

Taylor Kahn-Perry

Washington, D.C.

Creating pathways for empathy through language, dialogue, advocacy, and education. Usually thinking about coffee.

(843) 469-0683

Zak Malamed

San Francisco, CA
(516) 941-7597
Strengthening the student voice movement by empowering students to take action on issues that most impact their education.

Student Voice is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

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