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Deeper Learning

All students have the right to an education tailored to their individual needs and that prepares them for life beyond high school.

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Discussion Questions

  • How does your school account for the individual needs of students?
  • What policies or measures can your school implement to better address the individual needs of students?
  • What capacity does your school have to take this individualized approach to education?
  • Is self-directed student learning encouraged at your school? Do you think there is value in this approach?
  • If your school does offer programs to help meet students’ individual needs or post-secondary planning needs, do students often take advantage of them? Why or why not?
  • How can you work with your school to make sure that these programs impact as many students as possible?
  • Does your school have any services available to prepare students for life post-secondary school? Are they effective?
  • What new programs or services would you like to see in place to help prepare students for life after high school?
  • Who can you work with in your school to implement these proposed changes?

Subtopic Ideas

Vocational training in education, life skills, self-directed learning, project based learning, special education programming, teaching styles, gifted and talented/advanced placement classes

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