Tour Across America's Schools

Tour Across America's Schools

Upcoming stops

New Milford



New Milford High School

January 18, 2019




Smilow Burroughs Wakeman Community Center

March 7, 2019

New Haven



Common Ground High School

March 8, 2019

Grand Rapids



Forest Hills Eastern Middle School

April 11, 2019

Creating student-centric solutions to improve schools and communities.

Student Voice provides students with the platform to change their schools and communities. We meet students where they are and identify student-centric solutions that address the systemic inequity in the American education system.

We'll be visiting over 30 schools across the country. Make sure yours is on the list.

Students we've met

A collection of inspiring students we’ve met along the tour

Elisa Rivas

Van Nuys
CHAMPS Performing Arts School

"Even if you get to go to board meetings, if nothing happens and your ideas are disregarded, it’ll feel pointless to go to meetings. So, I think that, in a perfect world, we would actually implement student ideas that are beneficial to the school. I understand that not everyone’s ideas can be implemented successfully, but I think effort to actually understand and implement the ideas that are beneficial to the school would be a good thing."

Oshree Barak

Van Nuys
Van Nuys High School

"I hope teachers get better salaries and smaller class sizes. Some of these teachers are getting paid $20k, and I don't know how they even live here. My government class had 41 people."

Anthony Chang

Van Nuys
Van Nuys High School

"Schools want to provide field trip opportunities, counselors, nurses and librarians. I would like to see funding so we can have those things."

Previous stops

San Diego



High Tech High

January 16, 2019

Van Nuys



CHAMPS Performing Arts School

January 15, 2019




Forsyth Country Day School

January 8, 2019




River Bluff High School

December 21, 2018




Whitewater Middle School

December 13, 2018

Tour stops include


Brainstorm areas of improvement in your school, participate in activities to learn how to create change, and develop an action plan.

Storytelling Sessions

Participate in activities to learn how to effectively communicate your story, both in-person and in the media.

Lessons on Student-Centric Schools

Learn what student voice is and break down any misconceptions that may exist.


The Student Voice team member, the facilitator, will prompt participants to think more critically about their own education experiences and begin considering how they can make their schools better.

Faculty Meetings

Discuss what authentic student voice looks like in practice and how adults can be allies for students in their work to improve their communities.

School Spotlight


Students revealed issues within their school, ranging from harassment of LGBT students to crumbling facilities. Within the hour long roundtable table, the students’ perception of their role within the school changed: students discovered that their voice was important and they could take an active role in decision making in their school.

Student Voice worked with the Swansea Chapter to expand its network outside of their district by connecting them with students impacted by inequity across the state and other student groups in Iowa and Texas.

By the time that the Student Voice team returned to Swansea, the chapter had organized a summit for students across the state to create an action plan for improving education equity, engaged in South Carolina Student Lobby Day, worked with their faculty to create a student feedback process through project based learning , successfully advocated for a 25.4 million dollar bond referendum to update district facilities, and worked with state decision-makers to discuss how South Carolina funding could be changed in order to support low-income schools. Student Voice continues to support Swansea students by providing platforms for further amplification of their successes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for Student Voice to come to my school?

There is no cost to have Student Voice come to your school! All expenses and costs are covered by a grant from Facebook Education and the Facebook Community Leadership Program.

When do these visits take place?

A school visit can take place during the Spring 2019 semester or in September of 2019. We are able to be flexible depending on your school schedule and structure, but as all of our team members are students ourselves, Thursdays and Fridays are typically the best days for us to travel.

Who would be coming to my school?

One of our team members! You can read about the Student Voice team here.

What happens at a school visit?

There are four main activities that we offer on a school visit: a workshop, a roundtable, a storytelling session, and an information session. In a workshop, students will participate in an activity to help them think critically about what their ideal school looks like and the steps they can take to improve their school. In a roundtable, the Student Voice team member facilitates a conversation in which students have the time and space to discuss the state of their school and school climate. During a storytelling session, students will participate in activities that show them the power of storytelling as an entrypoint to authentic and productive conversations. Information sessions can take place with students, teachers, faculty, administration, or a combination of these stakeholders. In this session, we will discuss what student centered learning looks like and break down misconceptions about student voice.

What happens after a school visit?

We hope that a visit from Student Voice inspires students to become changemakers, shows them that their voices matter in their school and community, and makes them want to channel this passion into the formation of a Student Voice Chapter. The chapters program provides students with resources, curriculum, professional development opportunities, and support in creating a Student Voice club in their school to elevate student perspectives in policy decisions. Additionally, we hope that all students join Youth United for Action (YU4A), an online community for youth activists and changemakers.

I filled out the form! What’s next?

Within the next day you’ll receive an email from Megan Simmons, our Director of Strategy, so that you can schedule a phone call to talk about your school and plan a visit.

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