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Washington D.C.

International Students' Day Student Voice Summit

Friday, November 15

Convening young change-makers to celebrate student-centric perspectives and solutions.

For the past three years, Student Voice has traveled across the country, listening to student stories and assisting young leaders in building meaningful solutions. Now, on International Students' Day, we're celebrating the work of students in communities from coast to coast to fuel the next generation of the student voice movement.

Friday, November 15th: 9:00 - 4:00 p.m.

In the morning, participants will meaningfully bond over their shared identity as students and share their stories of school.

Participants, including Student Voice team members, program participants and student leaders from other youth-led organizations, prepare for a day of learning and community building.

Roundtable Discussions

Student Voice facilitates a roundtable discussion with students, giving them a chance to share their own educational experiences and learn about others' schools.

Workshop: Leading for Local Change with Chris Suggs

In the afternoon, participants will learn how to channel their passion into action through developing the skills to succeed.
Workshop: Storytelling as a Tool for Social Change

Action Planning

Student participants channel the morning conversation into tangible next steps for action.


Stay updated about the International Students' Day Student Voice Summit on Friday, November 15.

Celebrate your achievements as a young leader, find inspiration in the power of students across the country and join the next generation of the movement.

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