Schooled Magazine 2019

14 young authors from across the U.S. share their school experiences in editorials, podcasts, photoessays, and feature pieces.

Over the past five months, we have mentored fourteen fellows in the production of four pieces on their educational experiences. In October, we had students tell the story of their academic journey through the lens of Student Voice’s Student Bill of Rights. In November, our fellows from across the country worked together to investigate common shortcomings in their schools. Throughout December, fellows looked outward to their communities and collaborated with school and city publications to start a local dialogue on the state of their hometown. We concluded the fellowship in February with overarching editorials on federal and state education policies, spanning ESSA, Title IX, and Common Core.

These remarkable students have reclaimed their educational experiences and yielded the power of their voices in a way that offers honesty, sincerity, and hope for all who read their words. We hope that their stories help you empathize with young people nationwide and move you to take action on behalf of students near you.