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Antelope Valley Union High School District Tackles Educator Effectiveness, School Spirit, and Misinformation

An early November board meeting revealed the district's strategy for the new Educator Effectiveness Fund, the results of two school events, and a broad range of misinformation during public comment.


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(Image Source: Los Angeles Times)

The Antelope Valley Union High School District (AVUHSD) November 10 board meeting included discussion of distribution of the Educator Effectiveness Fund, updates on school events from Eastside and Lancaster High Schools, and a public comment period.

The board of trustees presented the Educator Effectiveness Fund. This included how much money would go into the program based on how much each program would require, how the amount was calculated which was done by research done by the school board, and different uses for the fund. Some of these uses include coaching and mentoring instructional staff, providing literacy across all subject areas, student engagement, social emotional learning, positive school climate, inclusive practices, language acquisition for English learners, new professional learning networks, and ethnic studies instruction. At SOAR High School, some of these upgrades to the district school’s system have been implemented such as social emotional learning and student engagement.

Eastside High School and Lancaster High School shared the results of their homecoming and spirit weeks. At Lancaster High School, a special needs student was named Homecoming Prince and featured on the ABC News. Both of the schools had information presented by the schools Associated Student Body or ASB officers, meaning that there are students of the schools that are able to directly speak to the board with anything in regards to the general welfare and well being of students. 

An attendee expressed opposition to the change of  the mascot of Quartz Hill High School Quartz Hill High School changed its mascot in 2020 after turmoil in the school due to the history and meaning of the former mascot, a rebel. The rebel idea is one that stems from the "Johnny Rebel" or "Johnny Reb" reference used during and after the Civil War for Confederate soldiers. 

The attendee also disagreed with vaccination sites being displayed on school campuses. Studies have proved that vaccines combat COVID-19 and aid others in not potentially dying from the virus. He also stated that high school students who are minors were able to get the vaccine without parental approval, and that those who contract the virus and survive produce antibodies making the vaccine unnecessary. However, both of these claims are largely false because it is against California state law to give minors medicine of any kind unless the parent is present and approves or if approval has been given beforehand such as through a permission slip. While it is true that those who contract COVID and survive produce antibodies to combat the virus, it is worth noting that an individual can die from infection of COVID-19 at a higher rate if they are unvaccinated in comparison to those who are vaccinated. It is also worth noting the fact that the virus can still be spread to someone who could potentially have complications and potentially not win their battle with COVID-19. 

The board did not express any desire to change, or alter any of the progress they have made on the vaccines, COVID-19 enforcement, and change of racial insensitivity in schools.

The board meeting’s recording may be watched here.