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Student Activists Across America Help Announce Student Voice's 2018 Goal

Ian Coon
March 7, 2018

Austin, TX. — Student activists from across the United States will assist Student Voice in announcing their ambitious goal at SXSW EDU to impact 10 million students in the remainder of 2018.

The ambitious goal of impacting 10 million students comes from the rise of student activism from coast to coast after a recent outpour of support for listening and acting upon student voices in Parkland, Florida. Student Voice is working with those in the Student Voice Coalition and partner organizations to reach students and track their on and offline engagement this year.

Student Voice director of programming, Megan Simmons, says the goal is more attainable than it may initially seem.

“This goal will drive our work for the remainder of 2018 and beyond. I cannot think of a better way to move forward than with a handful of the most dedicated community activists I know alongside me.”

The summit at SXSW EDU, The United States of Student Civic Engagement, aims to inspire and engage students to take charge of their education, make their voices heard, and enact tangible change.

To reach the goal of impacting 10 million students, Student Voice will focus on the following programs to advance the student movement.

  • Student Voice Storycorps, a cohort of high school writers, will learn from industry experts on utilizing local and national media to amplify their message. The Storycorps will launch this spring and is still looking for organizations and media partners to assist with mentoring students. If interested in assisting please email executive director, Merrit Jones, for more information.
  • Student Voice Coalition, a Facebook group of student activists, aggregates best practices from community and organization leaders to move the movement forward. Join the coalition of change-makers here.
  • Student Voice Ambassadors, a cohort of high school activists, accelerates local education policy by empowering students with the tools and resources needed for grassroots organizing. The application for the next cohort of ambassadors will be released spring 2018. Subscribe to Student Voice Weekly, a weekly e-newsletter, to be notified when the application is live.

Student Voice executive director, Merrit Jones, is committed to talking with students and seeing that there are student-led organizations in all 50 states.

Together, the collective impact of Student Voice organizing, direct digital reach, and partnership with student organizations across the coalition will allow for 10 million students to further amplify their voices in 2018.

About Student Voice

Student Voice is a completely student-run, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization inspired by the premise that all students should have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives. Student Voice strengthens the student movement by empowering students to take action on issues that most impact their education. Our mission is realized by amplifying, aggregating and accelerating student voices. For more information about Student Voice, visit, follow @Stu_Voice and #StuVoice on Twitter and Instagram and like our page on Facebook.

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