Student Voice Adds Two New Leaders to Board of Directors, Names High School Senior Nikki Adeli as President

NEW YORK, NY— Last week, Student Voice added Nancy Conrad, Chairman of the Conrad Foundation, and Adil Majid, Co-Founder of Student Voice, to its board of directors and named Nikki Adeli President of its Board of Directors.

Despite being a high school senior, Adeli has spoken at TEDxPhiladelphia about the consequences of standardized testing and serves as an advisor to Philadelphia’s Mayor Nutter as a member of the Philadelphia Youth Commission.

“I feel incredibly honored to be entrusted with the position as president,” Adeli said, adding that she plans to devote a lot of effort on advancing the Student Bill of Rights during her term.

“Coming from a large urban school district, I hope to be able to illustrate how easy it will be for many public schools to adopt the Student Bill of Rights when they decide to include students at the discussion table,” Adeli said.

Student Voice Founder and Executive Director Zak Malamed said he believes Adeli’s experience, both as a student and an active community member, will provide unique insight into the state of education through the lens of Student Voice.

“Nikki will provide great leadership and ensure that Student Voice stays in touch with its grassroots origins,” Malamed said. “Her appointment demonstrates our commitment to students and reiterates the value we place on student perspective within the organization.

The Student Voice Board of Directors was first announced at the second annual Student Voice Live!summit on September 20, 2014 in New York City. A full list of the Board members and their respective potions are as follows:

  • Nikki Adeli, President
  • Adil Majid, Vice President
  • Ritankar Das, Treasurer
  • Nicholas Ferroni, Secretary
  • Adil Majid
  • Alexis Glick
  • Nancy Conrad
  • Ryan Orbuch

About Student Voice

Student Voice is the nation’s largest by-students, for-students 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization inspired by the premise that education should work for all students. We believe that every student deserves quality civic education—and a direct platform to impact decisions that affect their lives. Through action-based civics programs, Student Voice leads and strengthens the movement of young people taking action on issues that most impact their education. For more information about Student Voice and joining the student voice movement, visit our website at StuVoice.org and follow @Stu_Voice and #StuVoice on social media.