Press Release

Student Voice Announces Launch of Student Voice Strategies

Student Voice announces the launch of Student Voice Strategies to partner with events, organizations and districts to bring student voice to their work.

March 9, 2020

Student Voice is excited to announce the launch of its new initiative, Student Voice Strategies. Through consulting, training and speaking services, Student Voice will partner with events, organizations, and school districts to create sustainable, student-driven solutions to issues facing education.

Through Student Voice Strategies, Student Voice will offer a broad range of services, including consulting on institutionalizing student voice, speaking services and trainings for both students and adult allies. Together with the organization’s diverse coalition of students from across all 50 states, Student Voice can provide resources and strategy individualized to each partner’s needs.

Events, organizations and districts interested in partnering with Student Voice should contact Student Voice’s President, Merrit Jones, at merrit@stuvoice.org. More information about Student Voice Strategies is available at StuVoice.org/strategies.

About Student Voice

Student Voice is the nation’s largest by-students, for-students 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization inspired by the premise that education should work for all students. We believe that every student deserves quality civic education—and a direct platform to impact decisions that affect their lives. Through action-based civics programs, Student Voice leads and strengthens the movement of young people taking action on issues that most impact their education. For more information about Student Voice and joining the student voice movement, visit our website at StuVoice.org and follow @Stu_Voice and #StuVoice on social media.