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Student Voice Names Tara Subramaniam as Executive Director

Ian Coon
August 16, 2016

Student Voice’s former Executive Director Zak Malamed announced his resignation from the organization in a Medium post on August 9. Tara Subramaniam, co-founder of Student Voice, will take over the Executive Director position immediately.

“My confidence comes with my wholehearted support for my co-founder and former Director of Programming Tara Subramaniam who will be replacing me as executive director. Tara has matured into an insightful and forceful leader within Student Voice over the past four years. It was her vision to create and her organization of our events and staple Twitter chats that have sustained and scaled the success of our most notable programs,” Malamed shared in regards to his successor.

Subramaniam, a sophomore at Georgetown University in the School of Foreign Service, previously served as the Director of Programming within Student Voice. In that role, she helped to develop the content, events and message that the organization is known for. As Executive Director, Subramaniam is looking forward to helping Student Voice continue to grow and build on past success, as well as “pushing forward a new slate of projects to expand the impact and network of the organization.”

Malamed will stay involved with Student Voice as a senior advisor, working on developmental efforts, global strategy, strategic planning and helping to ensure a smooth transition in leadership.

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