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Student Voice Partners with Student Space in South Carolina

February 13, 2016

In November, Student Voice announced plans for a nationwide tour at the White House Summit on Next Generation High Schools. SV will be in South Carolina from February 13 – 19 to speak and work with students, as well as interact with presidential candidates around the state.

The Supreme Court in South Carolina recently handed down a landmark decision declaring the funding inequities of their public schools to be grossly unconstitutional. (Abbeville County School District v. State of South Carolina). SV will be visiting all eight of the plaintiff school districts in the case (known as the Corridor of Shame) and give them an opportunity to vote on our Student Bill of Rights.

SV is partnering with the organization StuSpace on the ground for this week in hopes of it culminating in testimonials for the Education oversight committee on the condition of their education. But beyond that, SV wants show the nation the “Corridor of Shame” and amplify the voices of students who are often ignored.

Student Voice plans to reach at least 10,000 students from all 50 states through the Student Bill of Rights voting platform through the tour. The aim of the tour is to collect nationwide year-to-year data analysis of student perspectives on what’s most important to them in their education as well as documenting how students are driving school improvement across the country through the SBoR.

About Student Voice

Student Voice is a by-students, for-students 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works in all 50 states to equip students as storytellers, organizers and institutional partners who advocate for student-driven solutions to educational inequity. Through direct civic action, Student Voice helps students hold their schools and surrounding communities accountable to the Student Bill of Rights and prepares them to become lifelong agents of social and political change. For more information about Student Voice, visit our website at and follow @Stu_Voice and #StuVoice on social media.

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