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Student Voice Presents Student Bill of Rights at EdRev 2015

Tess Harkin
September 4, 2015

Student led nonprofit proposes new set of education standards for San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO – This Saturday, Student Voice will join forces with Cengage Learning at EdRev—the Parents Education Network’s (PEN) annual education summit in San Francisco—to discuss the Student Bill of Rights and how to implement it in schools around the world.

The Student Bill of Rights is a new set of student-driven education standards created to ensure schools provide high quality learning experiences for students everywhere.

In a series of student-moderated breakouts, attendees will work to define and understand student entitlement and develop concrete ways to guarantee these rights for students nationwide.

Education stakeholders including students, parents, and administrators will join the discussion to share what schools are doing well, in addition to issues faced in American classrooms.  Solutions to promote accountability when implementing change will be a focal point of the discussion.

Student Voice Founder and Executive Director Zak Malamed says he is looking forward to joining forces with PEN and Cengage, and is excited to work with the student attendees.

“As an event with more than 2,000 participants, hundreds of which are students, EdRev does an unparalleled job of bringing together all education stakeholders,” Malamed said. “The opportunity to connect and work with students to create a better learning experience is what Student Voice is all about, and we are grateful to PEN and Cengage for making this possible.”

About Student Voice

Student Voice is a completely student-run, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization inspired by the premise that all students should have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives. Student Voice strengthens the student movement by empowering students to take action on issues that most impact their education. Our mission is realized by amplifying, aggregating and accelerating student voices. For more information about Student Voice, visit, follow @Stu_Voice and #StuVoice on Twitter and Instagram and like our page on Facebook.

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